Body Treatment

The treatments we offer are designed to restore harmony while achieving maximum benefits to your entire body. We invite you to experience the ultimate in spa therapies. All of our body wraps begin with a shower-less exfoliating scrub to prepare the skin for treatment. Follow with the treatment of your choice below, and finish with appropriate moisturizer.

Body Treatments by Comfort Zone
Body Wraps

Choose a wrap for your bodies needs ½ body – $65.00 Full Body – $120.00

De Age Anti-Aging Body Wrap – For mature skin or skin that is dehydrated.  This deeply hydrating body treatment with kamani oil  provides cellular renewal and environmental protection. (allergy note: contains walnut extract).

Monticelli Mud Wrap – This stimulating mud wrap helps to detoxify, tone, shape and contour the body. This warm wrap also helps to relieve muscle aches and joints. (allergy note: contains iodine)

Mediterranean Organic Wrap – A great cellulite treatment, this skin-soothing, firming and moisturizing mask of botanical extracts leave the skin toned and elastic.

Note:  These wraps are not preformed during pregnancy.

Organic Fruity Peel Body Scrub
A fresh rejuvenating scrub for the body with an exceptional exfoliating and smoothing effect. Followed with a moisturizing lotion for the whole body. Leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple and baby soft. No shower required.                     $75.00


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment to allow for any necessary forms, changing and consultation with your therapist. We cannot guarantee availability of services for late arrivals.